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We take great pride in offering the best heating and cooling repair, service and installation in the Elgin, Illinois area. Below is a few testimonials of what people had to say about Elgin Sheet Metal Co.

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Thank you Pat. The Install looks great! Everything you said you would do, you did. Your guys did a great job! Im glad Gary recommended you.

Im not sure how soon, but my parents are in need of an upgrade. They have a Carrier furnace that is about 25 years old, original to the house. It actually has never failed! All original parts are in it! But the AC condensor needs to be replaced. The fins on the bottom portion of the coil are gone. Anyhow they would want a complete system. I will pass your info along.

Thank you again,


Yesterday and today, your tech Paul David showed up when he said he would and never took so much as a lunch break either day. It was refreshing for Diane and I to see the good work ethic he displayed. When it was over, he cleaned up and left the place spotless. He was a true gentleman and the kind of professional that makes you look good.
A young man named Lance came by today and assisted with the PVC work. He was very nice and very professional also.

I’m leaving in a bit to come over to your office to pay the bill. It’s nice to do business with your organization.

PS: I’ll be showing your work off to a friend this evening. He is kind of like me (does not have to upgrade but wants too). He will mention my name when he calls you.

Ernie and Diane C.
Pat -I wanted to thank you and your crew (Steve & Lance) for the GREAT job they did AND being polite and courteous. They did a great job in cleaning up too. I appreciate your special attention given to me AND the getting me the rebates for my purchase. Jimmy Mack
Jim M.
WONDERFUL :) (installation) The house cooled down by 10 pm last night which was great. When I woke at 6:30 this morning, the house was a cool 76 degrees AND the upstairs (though not as cool) was comfortable for the first time on a hot day that I have lived there in 18 years !!! I hope this continues to be the case. Thanks again. You certainly know your stuff !!! Donna
Just a note to tell you that my new A/C is working like a charm. It cools my house right down and the optional TP-PRH Performance thermostat helps take the humidity out quickly. The furnace and outside condensing unit are both so quiet that I had to go outside to see if the AC was running! My old Trane unit was like a jet and it had a “whine” that could be heard inside. (I thought that was normal.) New system costs lots of money but it appears tohave bee a good decision! Paul David did a great installation job also. Give him my compliments. If you need a reference tell them to call me.
John W.













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Because of the ever rising costs associated with training and keeping the best service technicians and installation crews, you may find that there are “cut-rate” contractors who offer service rates a few dollars per hour less than our service rates.

Remember, you never get something for nothing.

The customer always ends up paying for heavily “discounted” equipment or labor in some way, usually with one or a combination of the following:

  1. Poor system design and maintenance with resulting reduced system efficiency (high energy bills)
  2. Chronic breakdowns (expensive repairs)
  3. Premature system replacement.

Also, consider the following:

We have a service technician on call 24 hours a day to handle emergency service calls for our regular customers.
We have developed several programs designed to make it easier for you to extend the life of your equipment and keep repair bills to a minimum.
Have your neighbors heard anything about them? Will they stand behind their work? Will they even be in business next year? Studies indicate that one out of three HVAC contractors goes bankrupt every year. At Elgin Sheet Metal, we don’t cut corners and we will be there when you need us.
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