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A furnace malfunction is the last thing any Elgin home owner wants to experience on a cold winter day.

However, it’s likely that well before a heating system fails there are warning signs that it’s in need of service. Instead of risking it and waiting until a furnace stops working, it’s better to be aware of these warning signs.

Common signs you need to schedule Home Heating Repair Elgin IL include:

-A rapid rise in your home heating bill. One of the most common signs that something’s wrong with a heating system is a sharp spike in the bill. Although utility companies will raise their rates occasionally, it usually happens gradually. If your heating bill rises significantly it might mean you’re using more heat just to maintain comfort. Certainly, this is a warning sign that your home heating system is not running as efficiently as it should.

-Inconsistent heating throughout the house. Are there some rooms in your home that feel comfortably warm while others are too chilly? Is this occurring regardless of how frequently you adjust the thermostat? This is a typical issue in homes that have a ductwork problem, particularly in older model homes. It’s certainly worth scheduling an expert to inspect your furnace and ducts. Our experienced service techs can assess the problem and make repairs that restore proper airflow. Then you’ll be all set to remain comfortable throughout the winter season.

-Turning the heat up frequently. If you keep turning up the thermostat to keep your home comfortable, it’s a sign you need heating system service. Our effective, affordable furnace repairs will save money in the long term on your heating bills. Additionally, it helps ensure your household remains comfortable without the ongoing need to turn up the thermostat.

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-Your furnace is making strange noises. All home heating systems will make some level of noise. However, a furnace in optimal repair should remain reasonably quiet. If your furnace is making

banging and clanking noises lately, this is an indicator that something is about to malfunction.

Similar to other major appliances, furnaces begin to break down as they get older and make noises.

-Poor air quality. If your home’s indoor air is dusty and hazy regardless how often you clean,

it’s a sign of a problem. This is especially true in the event members of your household show

symptoms of respiratory problems or asthma. A furnace that isn’t functioning properly might be circulating mildew, dust and allergens through your home. The first step when this occurs is usually to change the furnace filter. If this doesn’t remedy the situation, schedule Home Heating Elgin IL service.

-The pilot light appears yellow. Check out your furnace’s pilot light. A furnace in correct working order will typically have a pilot light with a blueish flame. If the pilot light’s flame looks yellow, you should schedule furnace repair right away.

Elgin Sheet Metal – Thermostat Repair and Replacement

Your thermostat serves as a line of communication with your home’s comfort system. It assures that the environment in your home remains comfortable. There’s no question that a thermostat in good condition is critical for staying warm all winter long. The last problem any homeowner wants is a thermostat malfunction.

Typical signs you probably need to replace your thermostat include:

-Your home’s heating or cooling system won’t shut off or turn on.

-The thermostat’s temperature reading is not accurate.

-A recent increase in your energy costs.

-Frequent changes in temperature.

-The thermostat is more than ten years.

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Knowing when it’s time to replace a thermostat can be a little tricky. You won’t want to replace the thermostat if it is still repairable. Our experienced service technicians know the frustration a faulty thermostat can cause.

Ductless Heating Systems for Your Elgin Home

A new ductless heating system installed by Elgin Sheet Metal will keep your home or business comfortable all year long. Also known as split systems, ductless heating offers an efficient replacement for space heaters, window units, or electric baseboard heaters. Our techs can install ductless heating in home additions, new construction, condos, apartments or simply to improve temperature control.

-Ductless heating can help reduce your energy costs. Without a doubt, saving money is among the main reasons why home or business owners make the switch to ductless. If your property relies upon a system that is under-performing, it can cause your bills to increase every month. A ductless system that consumes less power directs warn air straight into the rooms of your home. Consequently, this control means better efficiency that lets homeowners heat only the rooms they use.

-Ductless heating by Elgin Sheet Metal can help improve the air quality in your home. With conventional HVAC systems, air ducts need cleaning regularly to control dust and allergens. However, a ductless system features multi-stage filtration that keeps the indoor air in your home consistently cleaner.

When you select a ductless heating system for your home, our techs can usually install it

in just one day. Ductless systems function with smaller size pipes that require just a three-inch hole. This convenience eliminates the need for rebuilding walls and ceilings to accommodate new ductwork!

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Generally, ductless Home Heating Elgin IL systems are very efficient. In addition, installation can be custom to the settings that work best for your home. They provide homeowners with the ability to heat particular rooms to the temperature of their choosing. Call Elgin Sheet Metal today at 847-742-3486 to schedule an appointment with our service techs for your next ductless system!

Besides our expertise in repairing and replacing Home Heating Elgin IL, we also provide comprehensive service for air conditioning. Following are a few of the most common warning signs your air conditioner needs service:

-Lack of cool air. The most obvious indicator that your air conditioner is on the decline is when it simply doesn’t produce cool air. When you switch on your air conditioning, you expect cool air to flow from the vents. If it does not happen, don’t hesitate to schedule service from Elgin Sheet Metal. We’ll assess the situation and recommend your best course of action to restore comfort.

-Check the age of your air conditioner. Generally, most units provide a service life of around 20 years. If you’re a.c. is that old, it’s probably time for replacement.

-Moisture accumulation. Besides keeping you cool, your air conditioner’s job is control humidity levels in your home. The unit’s evaporator coil accomplishes this by withdrawing warm air from inside your home cooling it and circulating it back inside. However, as your unit ages and gets less efficient, it’s no longer able to extract moisture quite as efficiently. Consequently, your home’s air will feel muggy. You might even notice your windows getting foggy or moisture collecting around the vents. Additionally, you might spot mildew or mold growth inside your air conditioner unit.

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For all of your HVAC needs for home or business, count on the experienced team at Elgin Sheet Metal. We have been providing quality, dependable service for our customers in Kane County for many years at affordable prices. To schedule service, call us today at 847-742-3486.