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Ensuring the furnace and other heating components in your home stays in good working condition is always a top priority. When the winter season arrives, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck with no HVAC. Maintenance and Furnace Repair Elgin IL when needed is critical because neglecting a heating system can be risky for the health and comfort of your household.

To that end, here are some of the most common signs that your furnace is alerting you it’s due for professional service:

Abnormal Odors
While furnaces can emit an odor right after installation, it should dissipate soon when it starts working. But if you notice a persistent odor then it might be time to schedule service.

Furnace Repair Elgin IL

Furnace Repair Elgin IL

Gas Leak
If you detect a gas leak, contact a Furnace Repair Elgin IL specialist as soon as you can to deal with the issue. It’s also advisable to shut off your furnace right away because the gas is flammable. And as a precaution, you should leave the house until a professional HVAC technician confirms that the leak is stopped.

Furnace Has Trouble Starting
Like any large component of a heating and cooling system, furnaces require more upkeep as they age. Eventually, it may become difficult to start your furnace. If it takes several tries to start it or you need to restart it throughout the day, have our technicians perform an inspection.

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These issues can result from dirty filters or a problem with the secondary heat exchanger. Or, it could be due to a faulty flame sensor causing the furnace to run intermittently. It’s better to be proactive and get your furnace in working order promptly.

Inconsistent Heating
If your furnace is doing an insufficient job at maintaining a consistent temperature in your home, then it is time to schedule service. If your furnace functions as it’s supposed to, then there shouldn’t be hot and cold spots around your house. The heating should be consistent. Different rooms in your home are, obviously, going to be different temperatures. (For example, the basement will feel cooler and the upper level will feel warmer.) If there are significant temperature differences in similar spaces, though, that’s a warning that you need Furnace Repair Elgin IL.

Furnace Repair Elgin IL

Energy Bills Rising
Are you noticing your energy bills are growing every month even though you’re not running your furnace any more often than you have in the past? That’s a sign that it’s inefficient and needs service. You can anticipate that your heating bills are going to fluctuate along with the seasons. But if there is an abrupt uptick it could be a sign the furnace isn’t properly working, and you probably need an HVAC technician to come and take a look at it.

Carbon Monoxide Alert
If the carbon monoxide warning goes off, that means you’re dealing with a serious health risk that must be addressed ASAP. Carbon monoxide is hazardous. Cracks on your furnace’s heat exchanger can potentially allow the odorless gas to leak into your living spaces. If your alarm sounds off, exit the home and call emergency services, then Furnace Repair Elgin IL professionals immediately.

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Loud Noises
Many furnaces in working condition will emit a consistent, low-volume whirring sound. But if you start hearing banging, rattling, grinding or other noises that are out of the ordinary, it indicates something wrong.

If the noises continue, get in touch with Elgin Sheet Metal so our Furnace Repair Elgin IL technicians can identify the source of the noise and confirm that your furnace isn’t at risk of a malfunction.