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Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL

Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL

Whether you want to purchase a new furnace, get repairs to your existing furnace, or would like an assessment of your home’s heating system for recommendations on how to make it more efficient, our trained, experienced service techs are ready with solutions that will keep your home comfortable throughout the winter. With our company’s expertise in Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL, homeowners can be confident that in the event your best option is to consider a new furnace, we will only recommend a unit that is the best size for your home. We install the excellent products made by Carrier, which produce maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Elgin Sheet Metal offers Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL for:

-Natural gas furnaces
-Electric heat pumps
Thermostat service, installation
-All home heating system repairs, preventative maintenance.

If your furnace seems to be struggling to maintain the temperature you input on your thermostat, give us a call to schedule a service appointment. Our heating technicians can inspect your furnace and related components and identify what is causing the problem. With any part of a home comfort system, it’s always better to take action as soon you notice any signs of trouble. Call 847-742-3486 if you notice your furnace:

-Isn’t producing enough heat or no heat at all.
-Short cycles. (Switches on and off repeatedly.)
-Starts making unusual noises. Furnaces typically emit a low volume sound as part of their normal operation, but sudden banging or rattling sounds indicate something is wrong.

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Ductless Heating Gives Homeowners An Efficient Option For New Additions, New Construction

The innovative technologies in the furnaces we install enables homeowners to control the environment of individual rooms with a simple remote control unit. Usually installed in just one day, a ductless heating unit is less messy and less costly. Choose from wall-mounted or floor-mounted units, a ducted installation, or a blend of each. Ask your Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL representative about how ductless heating may be the best way to keep that new addition to your home efficiently comfortable all year round.

Every household has a different idea of their ideal air conditioning cooling system. Here in Kane County, we advise our customers to select an efficient furnace and air conditioner that meets their usage requirements. Talk with our Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL experts today at 847-742-3486.

In addition to our expertise in heating and cooling the air that circulates through your home, we can also help improve the very quality of the air in your home. Our trained specialists can test the air inside your residence to evaluate where improvements can be made. We can also test your home to determine the sources of pollutants and the sources of readily available fresh air. Once we identify problems, we then move on to providing solutions. If you or your family members have been sneezing a lot, or if you notice that the air in your home is consistently dusty and irritating, then it’s probably time to do something about the air quality.

Call Elgin Sheet Metal and schedule an evaluation! You’ll breathe easier knowing the air in your home is clear and clean! Elgin Sheet Metal guarantees our work. No job is complete until you – our valued customer – is totally satisfied. Once each job is completed, our employees always take care to leave each job site in good condition. Why wait to call for help if your home is not as comfortable as it could be? When you schedule a consultation with our Heating and Cooling Services Elgin IL technicians you’ll get an honest assessment of what is causing the problem followed up with helpful recommendations.