If you’ve been relying on an aging HVAC system for the last few winters while seeing your energy bills steadily rise, it’s most likely a sign that you’re soon due for a new furnace or furnace repairs. When it comes to New Furnace Elgin IL, most units have a lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 years. Additionally, even when a home heating unit does function for that many years, the heating costs are probably higher than necessary because furnaces get less efficient in their later years.

Along with an increase in your energy expenses, running an old furnace past its lifespan can also start to develop problems that can present a health hazard. For instance, an old furnace can get cracks within its heat exchanger that can then permit dangerous carbon monoxide to escape into your home. When this occurs, the furnace must be shut down right away.

Further problems that can occur with an outdated furnace include dirty pilot lights and burners and bad thermocouples. The cost to solve these issues can mount quickly, which is a sign that your smartest investment is to purchase a new, highly efficiency New Furnace Elgin IL that reduces your winter bills while keeping you comfortable. Consult with an HVAC expert from the Elgin Sheet Metal team if your furnace is more than 13 years old or is showing signs of decreased efficiency. We’ll evaluate your home heating setup and give you the information you need for a wise consumer decision on your next New Furnace Elgin IL. We’re a family owned and operated local business with many years of experience helping homeowners just like you!

To reach the Service Department for more information about New Furnace Elgin IL call us at 847-742-3486 and get started! We serve homes and businesses of all sizes throughout Elgin and the Fox River Valley.

New Furnace Elgin IL

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