Local Furnace Repair East Dundee IL

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Local Furnace Repair East Dundee IL

Local Furnace Repair East Dundee IL

A furnace that works reliably all winter is always a top priority for Illinois homeowners. After all, during the season, there are not many situations much worse than an out-of-order furnace and no heat. The longer a furnace goes without receiving any maintenance or a standard tune-up, the risks of that happening get higher.

Fortunately, your Local Furnace Repair East Dundee IL experts are available when you need us. The best way to avoid a heating emergency is to identify when your furnace needs repair so the problem can be resolved and prevent a breakdown.

-Abnormal odors from the furnace. While a furnace might emit a pungent smell for a brief time after installation, it usually dissipates quickly. But if you are noticing a foul, lingering odor – or it appears suddenly – then it’s time for professional service.

-A gas leak. Quite simply, if it smells like gas is leaking from your furnace do not hesitate to contact a Local Furnace Repair East Dundee IL specialist to deal with the matter. Also, because gas is flammable, shut off the furnace right away and exit the house until a professional verifies that the gas leak has been stopped.

-Unit has trouble starting. As a furnace nears the 15 or 20 year mark, it will likely require more service and upkeep. Eventually, you might experience that your furnace has increasing difficulty switching on and running.

Many of these heating problems can often stem from routine fixes such as dirty, clogged filters, indoor coils or a secondary heat exchanger. Also, it could be due to a faulty flame sensor that’s causing the furnace to run intermittently.

The important takeaway is to act soon and call Elgin Sheet Metal for help to avoid a breakdown.