A Gas Furnace St. Charles IL is a very effective way to keep your home warm and comfortable during the wintertime. It’s also a vital part in the efficient performance of your air conditioning system. Furnaces create heat through the combustion of natural gas inside its burner component. Produced by this process, the heated air then passes through another component called the heat exchanger.

The furnace’s blower then directs the warmed air into your home’s ductwork setup, which carries and circulates the warmed air throughout the rooms. During hotter months, the blower continues to distribute return air through the home, but instead the return air is cooled by passing over a coil in the air conditioner. The coil is generally installed on top part of the furnace.

There are a number of types of Gas Furnace St. Charles IL, but they all have some common parts in order to function correctly. To start, a gas furnace needs a gas line, which is its fuel source. The next important part is a gas valve that functions like a switch. Following the signal it receives from the thermostat, the valve opens and closes to direct gas into a manifold and to the burner. In the burner the gas is ignited and warmed by the heat exchanger, which is designed to keep combustion procedures and gases separate from the air flow that’s delivered via ductwork into your home. This part of the process is very important since combustion gases contain carbon monoxide. Other Gas Furnace St. Charles IL components are the blower motor and assembly, the venting system, a combustion air blower, and additional safety features to make sure the unit is functioning safely.

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Gas Furnace St. Charles IL

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