The service techs here at Elgin Sheet Metal are trained and ready with the solutions you need to keep the Air Conditioning St. Charles IL system at your home or business running efficiently. To help you steer clear of an emergency situation where you find yourself totally without air conditioning, we offer here a few common warning signs that probably mean it’s time to give our Service Department a call at 847-742-3486:

*Strange Noises from the Air Conditioning St. Charles IL unit. Contemporary air conditioning systems are specifically built to function quietly and efficiently. If your system starts making noises it may be time to call in your dependable local contractor for a system assessment. The noises could be due to loose components or the unit’s motor could be starting to fail.

* Diminished Airflow. Depending upon the age and condition of your systems’s air filter, the air flow of your air conditioner will typically vary throughout the day. We recommend that you change your system’s air filter regularly according to instructions on the packaging. This helps with good air quality and to maintain optimal air flow. In the event your air filter is still relatively new and clear of hair, dust and particles but air flow still feels weaker than normal, call Elgin Sheet Metal for expert, prompt Air Conditioning St. Charles IL service.

*Not Cooling Sufficiently. Here’s the clearest signal that your air conditioner is not working well. Another sign, apart from no cool air at all, is if your system takes longer than usual to achieve an adequate, comfortable temperature setting.

Both are signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner that’s due for service. Ideally, a system breakdown that leaves your home uncomfortably warm can be averted by regular maintenance visits by Elgin Sheet Metal. With our techs checking on your Air Conditioning St. Charles IL unit once or twice annually, it will continue to run efficiently so you’ll avoid major systems failings and save on long term energy costs!


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