Is your Air Conditioner St. Charles IL more than 10 years old? Consider replacing it with an efficient unit installed by our professional service techs at Elgin Sheet Metal. Not only will a new system keep your home cool and comfortable during the muggy summer season, but you’ll see a savings with your energy bills!

To help you stay informed on Air Conditioning St. Charles IL and whether your existing setup is due for replacement, here’s a few signs to watch for:

* Your a.c. system needs repairs more and more often, while you are also seeing an increase in energy costs just to keep your home cool.
This is a telltale indicator that your equipment is ending it’s lifespan and simply not as efficient anymore.

*There’s a noticeable different between some rooms in your home, with some too hot while others may feel too chilly. When an Air Conditioner St. Charles IL can no longer keep each room consistently comfortable it may be at the end of its effectiveness.

*If your home is empty for long stretches and you don’t have a programmable thermostat, an upgrade can give you greater control that saves money.

*Your home feels too humid. Inadequate equipment and leaking ductwork can cause the air in your home to feel too dry in the winter or too damp during the summer. Elgin Sheet Metal’s techs are trained experts at solving these problems – whether by installation of a new unit or repairs that restore good working order.

* Are you hearing unusual sounds coming from your air conditioner? Similar to when a furnace starts to emit weird noises, it’s most likely a signal that your air conditioner needs repair or replacement. For an expert assessment of your Air Conditioner St. Charles IL, call for a no-hassle, no-obligation appointment with Elgin Sheet Metal at 847-742-3486.



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