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Local Furnace Repair South Elgin IL

Local Furnace Repair South Elgin IL

For anyone who owns a home, it’s an unpleasant sign to see soot streaks or dusty air in the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms. Dry air can also accompany this and potentially cause damage to wood flooring and furniture. If you’re noticing that the plants in your home are dying off, it’s a common sign that your indoor lacks moisture.

Excess soot and dust throughout a home is an indicator that your furnace is aging and probably emitting carbon dioxide. An accumulation of soot is often found on the furnace grille and register, which is an air duct covering that regulates airflow through the home. In the event you’re noticing this, call us to schedule Local Furnace Repair South Elgin IL.

Once furnaces reach their lifespan of approximately 15 years or so, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to evenly circulate heat through a home. Consequently, energy bills will rise steadily month after month.

If the furnace in your home was installed less than 10 years ago, it’s usually cost-effective to get Local Furnace Repair South Elgin IL to resolve common problems.

Another certain sign to watch for that indicates you need professional services for your heating system is when the pilot flame in the furnace is blue in color rather than yellow.

An efficient, newly installed furnace will consistently produce a blue, clean flame as it heats your home. But if the burner flame looks yellow, it is probably a sign that your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide, which is hazardous. Yellow flames also may a sign of a gas leak that will need repair or that the combustion process is faulty.

If you observe a yellow flame in your furnace in addition to the odor of gas, immediately call for assistance by our professional HVAC technicians.