Furnace Repair Kane County

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Whenever a problem develops with your home heating system, it’s essential to call for Furnace Repair Kane County promptly. On this post, we’ll list a few common indicators that your heating system needs inspection and service by an HVAC technician.

-Unpleasant odors coming from the furnace. Furnaces will typically emit an odor that is, naturally, similar to the fuel they consume. This particularly occurs when a furnace switches on after being inactive during the summer. Most furnace smells will dissipate quickly as the unit is running. However, if you detect a strong odor of fuel near the furnace, an odor that suddenly appears or one that does not dissipate after a few minutes you might need Furnace Repair Kane County.

Furnace Repair Kane County

These odors can be the result of a various issues. For example, it may be due to a gas leak or due to too much dust within the unit. Our HVAC service technicians can assess what’s causing the odor and make the necessary adjustments or repairs.

-The furnace has difficulty starting. As furnaces get older, it can become more difficult for them to turn on and continue running. In the event you need to try several times for your furnace to start during the day, you probably need Furnace Repair Kane County.

This type of functionality matter often stems from a faulty thermostat or disconnected wires. Replacing the faulty part usually resolves the issue.

-Pilot light is the wrong color. Pay close attention to the coloring of your furnace’s pilot light. It should appear blue. If the pilot light looks any other color, particularly yellow, it can signal a problem with ventilation. The change in color occurs if gases such as carbon monoxide don’t adequately dissipate. This is an issue that cause a health hazard for your household. Schedule Furnace Repair Kane County right away if your pilot light is the wrong color.