After your Commercial Air Conditioning Elgin IL system has been sitting inactive during the winter season, there’s the risk of it distributing bacteria into your business, office or retail space when it’s switched on in the spring. If inhaled by your employees or customers, pollutants in the air can result in coughing, sore throat, asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses. To avoid these potential hazards, Elgin Sheet Metal’s expert services can maximize your system through a thorough cleaning and tune-up. Plus, we’ll enhance humidity control to provide an additional line of defense against allergens that flourish in heated air.

When you count on us for your Commercial Air Conditioning Elgin IL, our service techs check for appropriate amounts of refrigerant, test for leaks, and reclaim old refrigerant. We also clean coils and measure airflow moving through the evaporator coil to prevent pollen and mold from collecting. Then we inspect electric terminals, connections, motors, belts and also check to be sure the condensate drain is clog-free. By going through this checklist, our Commercial Air Conditioning Elgin IL specialists will restore your cooling system to good operating condition. Regular Commercial Air Conditioning Elgin IL service lengthens effective lifespan, helps prevent breakdowns, and sustains efficiency. That results in lower energy bills and enhanced performance for your business, office or retail space.

Call our Service Department at 847-742-3486 to set a convenient time for our services. When your air conditioning is assessed by Elgin Sheet Metal, you can be confident it will be ready to function when you need it. Our staff of specialists are licensed, bonded, insured and NATE-certified. With our vast knowledge in the installation and repair of HVAC products, we are recognized as a Carrier Dealer. This designation means we adhere to the top level of training and product awareness in our industry.

If your office or retail space is not cooling adequately in the spring and summer, don’t hesitate to call for our professional assistance! We’ll restore your Commercial Air Conditioning Elgin IL to good order at affordable rates.

Commercial Air Conditioning Elgin IL

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