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Heating and Cooling Services East Dundee IL

Heating and Cooling Services East Dundee IL

Did your air conditioner keep your household comfortable and cool last summer? If not, here are some common issues that need to be resolved promptly to prevent larger and more disruptive air conditioner problems.

-Water leaks. On a warm summer day when your air conditioner seems to be running harder than normal, you might spot water puddling outside by its compressor. Causes of this can include faulty installation, a dirty filter, bad seal or the condensate pan could be broken.

-Leaking refrigerant. Also called freon, this essential fluid is what cools the air within your air conditioner. As long as the charge of the refrigerant matches to the manufacturer’s specs, your air conditioner will perform efficiently.

We provide Heating and Cooling Services East Dundee IL to repair refrigerant fluid leaks. Postponing a repair for this issue will inevitably result in declining

Evaporator coil freezes. When the system is functioning correctly, the evaporator will circulate the refrigerant vapor at approximately 40 degrees. This is a good temperature for extracting heat from the airflow as it passes through the coil without causing it to freeze.

When ice forms on the coil, the result is that it will prevent the refrigerant within the coil from properly absorbing heat. Damages may result as the blower fan struggles to draw air through the frozen coil.

-Fan malfunction. The outside component of your air conditioning unit transfers heat from within it to the outside via a fan. In the event fan outside of your house doesn’t work efficiently, the heat transfer doesn’t take place. The result is that the compressor can overheat or cause the safety load to trip. In a worst scenario, this can cause interior damage in the compressor.

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