Is My Gas Furnace West Dundee IL Due for Service

Ever been awakened due to a sudden drop in your home’s temperature? If it’s not due to an open window, the likely culprit is a Gas Furnace West Dundee IL that is starting to malfunction. To help you understand a few basics and call for expert service from one of our techs before it goes out of order completely, here’s some warning signs that your furnace is ready for repair or replacement:

*Dust in the air no matter how often you clean your house. If the air seems hazy in your house, it’s a signal that the furnace is unable to clean the air. First change out your furnace filter. If that does not help call our service department at 847-742-3486.

*Age of your furnace. Check out the label on your furnace to see when it was manufactured. Typically, furnaces have an effective lifespan of approximately 20 years.

*Is the pilot light yellow? Look inside your furnace at the pilot light. If it appears yellow it could be a sign of a leak from the heat exchanger. This issue calls for prompt repair so don’t delay to get in touch with Elgin Sheet Metal.

*The furnace is blowing cold air. While there could be different reasons for this – like a blower fan not working – it’s still a big indicator of a furnace starting to fail. Another sign is if there are rooms in your house that are being heated unevenly.

*Your furnace is making sounds. Whether you’re hearing squeaks, pops, clanging or banging sounds, a noisy Gas Furnace West Dundee IL most likely needs repair.

*Your heating bills have taken a sharp rise recently. Any dramatic increase in energy costs is cause for concern, and is another sign the furnace is due for service or replacement.

If you’re seeing these or other signs that your Gas Furnace West Dundee IL isn’t operating as it should, count on Elgin Sheet Metal for solutions!

Gas Furnace West Dundee IL

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