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Cooling Services Dundee IL

Cooling Services Dundee IL

Are you in need of fast and reliable repairs for your residential air conditioning? Give us a call today for Cooling Services Dundee IL if you are experiencing any of the following:

-Weak or no air flow. Perhaps you’re still getting some cool air moving through your house, but you can tell that your AC is not circulating air as well as it did last year. This can indicate a few things, such as problems with the unit’s compressor or an obstruction in the vents. Call Elgin Sheet Metal for service so our technicians can inspect the system and determine what’s causing the poor air flow and perform repairs.

-Signs of leakage and moisture around the unit. Some condensation near an air conditioner is standard, but leaks can signify a much bigger problem. If you see refrigerant fluid leaks or notice puddles of water near your air conditioner, it’s a problem that should be addressed very soon. A coolant leak can present a health hazard and water leaks can do damage to your floors and furniture.

-The air conditioner is making loud, unusual sounds. Are you hearing grinding noise coming out of the AC? Or maybe rattling, squealing, clanging and other unpleasantries that are clearly not normal? Turn it off and get in touch with Elgin Sheet Metal so we can dispatch a Cooling Services Dundee IL technician to identify what’s going on with the unit.

-Thermostat is not working. On occasion, issues with an air conditioner aren’t always related to the main unit. Instead, it may be related to the thermostat. A faulty thermostat can prevent the effective cooling of certain rooms or areas within a home. Our HVAC technicians can test your thermostat to determine if it is the culprit.