Is it time to consider replacing the Air Conditioner West Dundee IL at your home or business? Here’s a few indicators that your existing system is at or nearing the end of its effective lifespan – and if you need replacement solutions contact the HVAC professionals at Elgin Sheet Metal today!

You’ve Expanded Your Home and It’s Not Cooling Sufficiently Any More

If you’ve added on to your home or commercial building recently, your existing Air Conditioner West Dundee IL may no longer be a correct fit. With a no-obligation visit by one of our experienced Elgin Sheet Metal service techs, we can reassess your cooling requirements and recommend your most economical replacement options.

Utility Bills Increasing?

When energy bills rise but you haven’t changed your air conditioning use, it’s a sign that it’s not operating at top efficiency. This can mean you could benefit by installation of a new unit.

Frequent Need For Service

Just like most major appliances, when an Air Conditioner West Dundee IL starts to need more and more service it’s probably reaching the end of its usefulness. While replacement is typically a higher initial cost, it does result in long term savings and will keep your home or business cool and comfortable during the muggy summer season here in Illinois.

Unit Over 10 Years Old

Generally Air Conditioner West Dundee IL are manufactured to fundtion for approximately 10 years. If yours is around that old, start planning with Elgin Sheet Metal for your next efficient unit.

Humidity in the House

An Air Conditioner West Dundee IL is good working order will help keep your home’s humidity levels comfortable.

When it starts to feel damp in your home or moisture accumulates around your windows it could likely be the air conditioner is not effectively dehumidifying. Also if mold is becoming a problem too much humidity could be the cause. Elgin Sheet Metal is available with affordable solutions to these and other HVAC problems. Give us a call today at 847-742-3486 for expert Air Conditioner West Dundee IL service!

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