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Cooling Services Carpentersville IL

Cooling Services Carpentersville IL

Innovations in cooling technology in recent years have “raised the game” a lot for homeowners – there are so many options from which to choose that is can seem overwhelming when the time comes to select a new air conditioner. At Elgin Sheet Metal, we carry and install efficient, quality units made by the reputable Carrier Corporation.

If you are thinking about installing new AC in your home or commercial building, some of the advantages to choosing our Cooling Services Carpentersville IL include:

-Saves energy. Many modern, highly efficient cooling systems achieve their high ratings in part because of variable-speed technology. That means these systems are able to help homeowners save big on their monthly utility expenses. A variable speed system is able to operate its cooling cycles almost continuously on a lower speed setting that consumes less electricity.

Contrast that with a single-speed system that actually wastes energy by switching off and on more frequently and running at higher speed.

-Consistent cooling and comfort. With respect to how variable-speed technologies work, the longer cooling cycle helps to keep the air inside your home closer to the temperature settings you input to your thermostat. That results in consistent performance that cools the rooms in your home evenly.

-Enhances humidity control capabilities. During the summer season, sticky, humid air can often make your household feel more uncomfortable than the hot temperature does. While most all central AC systems can remove some humidity from the indoor air as part of cooling, some are far more effective than others.

A variable-speed system is much better when it comes to regulating humidity than single-speed conventional systems. Since a they typically operate for a longer period of time, they’re able to remove moisture from the indoor air and improve comfort.

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