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Burlington HVAC – Better Control for Your Home Heating and Cooling System with Programmable Thermostat

Thermostats might seem to be a fairly minor component of your residential Burlington HVAC system, but in truth it fills an essential part of a comfort system’s daily performance and its energy consumption rate. If your home’s comfort system is still equipped with a conventional manual (or “non-programmable) thermostat, you’re not getting the benefits that a programmable unit offers: mainly the 24/7 convenience and financial savings for the long term.

A quick look at just how a programmable thermostat upgrades your household and its Burlington HVAC system:

It’s All About Efficiency

Your thermostat is the device that controls when your heating and cooling system activates and the length of time each cycle will take. A key fundamental of efficient Burlington HVAC is to have a balance between the frequency and duration of heating and cooling cycles and the expense of running the system.

Setting a higher output from your Burlington HVAC system when you are at home and a lower output when you are not at home is, naturally, among the smartest ways to optimize efficiency and the system’s service lifespan. With a programmable thermostat, you can set it according to this schedule of heating and cooling depending on your household routines. Simply by practicing efficient heating and cooling your Burlington HVAC system consumes less amounts of energy and experiences less wear and tear. This ultimately lowers short-term utility bills as well as the long-range bills associated with air conditioning or furnace repairs or replacement.

Easier To Keep Comfortable All Year Long – Burlington HVAC

Among the multiple benefits of installing a programmable thermostat is simply how easy they are to use: its technology enables the homeowner to enjoy the advantages of dependable heating and cooling that’s consistent all through the year – despite the challenges that may come from Mother Nature.

Homeowners who wish to attain maximum heating and cooling efficiency with a non-programmable thermostat have to manually adjust their device practically every time they come and go. Alternatively, a programmable thermostat automates this task to save time and hassle. They enable you to benefit from dependable long-range advantages of efficient comfort control. Even in the event you forget to set your thermostat – or weather conditions change suddenly – wireless connectivity enables you to access your thermostat from anywhere. If you’d like to discover more of the many benefits of a programmable thermostat, our Burlington HVAC experts are standing by at 847-742-3486. We’ll assist you in determining which model programmable thermostat would be the most beneficial for your home!

What to Consider If Replacing Your Comfort System

When it’s time to think about replacing your home comfort system in Burlington, Illinois, there are some issues to review. Taking some time to update yourself about the options and consulting with the experts at Elgin Sheet Metal to find what’s right for you will mean years of enjoying the comfort your household deserves along with a return on the investment you’ve made.

Quality Heating and Cooling Equals Reliable Comfort

Comfort is naturally the key factor to take into account when planning to replace your Burlington HVAC system. Air quality – basically the characteristics of your home’s indoor air like temperature, humidity levels and airborne particles – should therefore fulfil your needs. HVAC system appliances are typically rated according to their heating and cooling capacity, which is key to investing in the best new system for the particular dimensions of your home. A system that’s too small or too big won’t fulfil your comfort requirements and could result in insufficient and inconsistent heating and cooling. To assess which HVAC system is right for your home, talk with our customer care specialists today.

If you are interested in improving your home heating and cooling system while also lowering monthly utility bills we’re ready to help. Our technicians can work along with you to help select the appropriate type of replacement Burlington HVAC system for your home space and perform expert installation to attain results that last.

Misconceptions About Home Cooling

Following misconceptions regarding home cooling can wind up costing you with respect to efficiencies and comfort, eventually leading to calls for repairs more and more frequently. Learning more about the facts and debunking common home cooling myths equips homeowners with the info needed to always get the best performance and long service lifespan from your cooling system all summer long.

Burlington HVAC – Misconception: You Can Easily Spot Air Leaks

While it is usually accurate that many of the biggest and most common air leaks entail obvious damage or gaps surrounding door and windows, a lot of home air leaks that diminish the efficiency of your Burlington HVAC system are not easily identifiable. Air leaks may be occurring in places such as the chimney, the inside of walls or in the spaces that divide your basement and attic from the remainder of your house. While sealing off air leaks by windows and doors will improve your indoor comfort, it is also essential to locate and stop air leaks to really optimize your air conditioning.

Misconception: Shutting Vents Reduces Cooling Bills

Air registers within your home usually feature levers that enable you to control and direct cool airflow into rooms of your choice. Shutting air registers in rooms and spaces that are frequently empty will keep your air conditioning from cooling them, but if too many registers are closed at one time it can have a negative result on cooling efficiency. Generally, closing off 20 percent of your vents can even increase the stress placed upon your air conditioner unit by altering the configuration of the ducts, which are after all made with heating and cooling efficient performance in mind. Closing off too many registers will simply force your Burlington HVAC to keep working harder and result in a pressure difference within your home that can impact interior temperatures in the living spaces instead of only those rooms that are closed off.

Misconception: Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners Are a Guarantee of Lower Cooling Costs

Energy-efficient Burlington HVAC components are manufactured to provide more efficient comfort while consuming less energy. While professional installation of an energy-efficient air conditioning unit from Elgin Sheet Metal is of course a smart move, there are still many factors that might affect the performance of your air conditioner. To begin with, it’s critical to have your new air conditioner system installed by our experienced Burlington HVAC techs. Faulty installation is among the most common reasons why a cooling system may not perform at its best. Additionally, it is also important to confirm that your new air conditioner is truly an appropriate fit for your home. Air conditioner units are now available with multiple capacity choices – choosing an appliance that is over- or under-sized for your house will negatively affect its cooling capability along with its energy consumption. Lastly, the way you use your new air conditioner can also impact how much energy it will consume. Informed home cooling practices are the only way to really get the best from your new Burlington HVAC.

If you have any questions about your Burlington HVAC system and how it can be optimized for best performance reach out to Elgin Sheet Metal for affordable, prompt services at 847-742-3486.