Here are six signs your home is in need of Heating Repair Bartlett IL

1. A sudden increase in your electricity bill. This could be a sign that your furnace is needing more and more heat to keep your home at comfortable temperatures.

2. Uneven heating at different points throughout your house. This is a very frequent problem in older residences that have ductwork issues. It’s definitely a good idea to call Elgin Sheet Metal to have one of our experienced techs look at your heating system and ductwork to identify and fix the cause of your home’s airflow problems.

3. If in order to get your home to a reasonably comfortable temperature setting you need to turn the heat up to increasingly higher levels. This is another indicator that you’re in need of Heating Repair Bartlett IL. When you have your furnace repaired by the industry experts at Elgin Sheet Metal, you’ll save in the long run on electric bills while also restoring your home to consistently comfortable temperatures.

4. Unusual sounds coming from your furnace. It’s not totally unusual for heating systems to make some noises now and then, but a furnace in good condition is generally quiet. If you’re hearing clanking, moaning or other strange sounds emitting from your furnace, it’s an indicator
something is not working right. When old furnaces start to wear out they have a tendency to get noisy.

5. Poor air quality. A sign that you should set an appointment for Heating Repair Bartlett IL is if the air in your home appears dusty – regardless of how much you clean and dust. A furnace in failing condition may be moving mildew or other allergens through your home.

6. The pilot light in your furnace appears yellow. A furnace should have a pilot light with a blue-colored flame. Other colors are a sign that
rust or other substances that can impede the efficiency of your heating system.

Give Elgin Sheet Metal a call for Heating Repair Bartlett IL if you’re seeing any of these indicators! Visit this page for more information on our expert services!

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