Furnace Repair Bartlett IL

Wintertime in Illinois never fails to highlight the importance of good Furnace Repair Bartlett IL. If you’ve noticed that your home doesn’t seem to heated as you’d like, call and schedule an appointment with Elgin Sheet Metal. Our techs will recommend which Furnace Repair Bartlett IL repairs can be made to improve efficiency. For many customers the solution is replacement of the furnace. Because Elgin Sheet Metal’s service techs train continually on the latest in heating, you can count on an affordable solution either way.

To help you describe any furnace problems you’re having, it’s beneficial to have some overall knowledge of how it works. Since gas furnaces are the most widely used, here are the major components involved in how they operate:

Gas Furnace – Basic Components

*Thermostat: When temperatures reach a set level, a thermostat directs the furnace to either start or stop. Available in a number of styles, thermostats are the mechanism that controls heating and cooling in your home.

*Burner: Gas furnaces can function with a pilot light or by electronic controls that do away with the need for a constant flame. A one stage furnace is equipped with a gas valve that functions at full capacity. A two stage furnace allows the valve to stay partly open so it can reduce capacity or, instead, switch to full capacity as needed.

*Heat exchanger: Gases resulting from burning fuel enter into a metal box known as a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger directs gases out of your home through ventilation. When this important part wears down into less than good condition, as a result the gases could potentially leak out.

*Blower: Located in between the return ductwork and the furnace, a blower sends cool air into the heat exchanger. There the air is warmed up before circulating into your home.

*Ductwork: Cool air enters into return registers and then through ductwork into the blower and heat exchanger. Supply ducts distribute heated air throughout your home. For ideal furnace operation, keep the supply registers open in each room of your house.

*Fan control: Most fans have off, on or limit settings. The “off” setting keeps the fan moving after the burner shuts down and the air cools. When set to “on,” the fan won’t move until the air is warmed. The “limit” setting shuts down the burner if the furnace overheats.

For expert Furnace Repair Bartlett IL that restores your home’s environment to comfortable levels, call Elgin Sheet Metal’s Service Department at 847-742-3486.

Furnace Repair Bartlett IL