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Colder days will arrive here in the Fox Valley eventually, which means homeowners will be once again relying on their home heating system to stay warm and comfortable. That’s why it’s so important to get regular HVAC maintenance and repairs for your furnace so you don’t experience any sudden service disruptions.

Call 847-742-3486 if your furnace displays any of the following:

Pilot Light is Yellow
The color of the pilot light in your furnace should be a bright blue. If it is yellow, it is a sign the Furnace St. Charles IL is probably leaking carbon monoxide. Since it is a poisonous gas, you’ll want to get it checked out ASAP by an experienced technician.

Furnace St. Charles IL

Furnace St. Charles IL

Dust Building Up on the Furnace Vents
Has it been a while since you replaced your furnace filters? The purpose of the filters is to catch dust and debris so your indoor air stays clean. When they become too dirty, you might start noticing dust collecting near the vents. Once that happens, indoor air quality can decline.

If you can’t recall when you last put a new filter in, do so right away.

Looks Old
If your furnace looks worn out and dated, it’s probably overdue for a tune-up or perhaps even replacement. Our heating system experts can take a look and then provide you with a cost-effective solution to ensure your furnace stays in peak condition. A furnace usually has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

If yours is beyond that age range, consult with Elgin Sheet Metal about an upgrade.

Those squeaks, creaks and popping noises you hear from the furnace may be a warning that something is wrong. A part inside might be loose, which means it’s important to get the unit inspected by a Furnace St. Charles IL professional.

It Takes Too Long to Heat Your House
Does it take longer and longer for your home to warm up, particularly when winter temperatures fall far below freezing? If so, it could mean your furnace is working a lot harder than it ought to be. Call Elgin Sheet Metal so our HVAC technicians can inspect your furnace and make sure a larger problem isn’t developing.

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Expired Thermostat Battery
If your furnace isn’t working, it might indicate your thermostat batteries are dead. The two units are, after all, connected, so if there’s a lack of battery power, the furnace will not receive the directions it needs to function. Changing out the batteries is a routine fix. If new batteries don’t resolve the matter, though, it’s time to call us for a Furnace St. Charles IL service appointment.

Frequent Cycling
A working furnace will regulate the temperature by turning on whenever it senses the indoor air is getting too cold. A malfunction is often signaled by frequent cycling. Some of the causes of this include:

-Overheating, or the furnace is not sized accurately to the home.
-Thermostat malfunctioning.

If this problem persists, it can lead to permanent problems with the unit, in addition to higher utility bills.

Furnace St. Charles IL

Furnace Doesn’t Turn On
When your furnace simply will not start, there are various ways of troubleshooting the situation to identify the cause. Try these basic checks before you call on the Furnace St. Charles IL experts:

-Confirm your thermostat is working and set to heat.
-Confirm the furnace fan is working.
-Check that the gas supply is active by testing other appliances.
-Be sure the pilot light is ignited.

Your Furnace St. Charles IL Repair and Maintenance Solution
Some standard furnace repairs can be successfully implemented by homeowners, yet the technical repairs are best left to trained HVAC technicians. If your furnace is not doing its job and you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps we suggest, give Elgin Sheet Metal a call.