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A furnace that is malfunctioning is one of the most inconvenient and frustrating problems that a homeowner can face. It’s an issue that if not identified quickly and promptly addressed, can get significantly and steadily worse as time passes. That’s why at Elgin Sheet Metal, we take a proactive view on Furnace Repair Bartlett IL. This way, our HVAC service technicians can nip these possibly expensive problems in the bud well before they have an opportunity to get out of hand.

More frequently than not, a lot of the most commonly reported residential furnace problems can be resolved quickly with some timely repair followed up by regular maintenance by our experienced heating and air conditioning service techs. What should you be checking for when the time comes for heating system repair and maintenance in the Chicagoland area? Let’s delve into some of the most common alerts that, if caught and acted upon early, will save you lots of time, expense and hassles:

Furnace Repair Bartlett IL

Furnace Repair Bartlett IL

Your Furnace Isn’t Producing Enough Heat
This is obviously your furnace’s most essential task: circulating warm air throughout the home. If it is failing to accomplish this, it’s a big problem that calls for immediate Furnace Repair Bartlett IL. An HVAC technician from Elgin Sheet Metal might have to reset your furnace or fix the pilot light’s igniter system. In the event the pilot light goes out, it’s a sign you probably have a failing thermocouple or other potential causes.

It may only require a fundamental, fairly routine solution like resetting the thermostat or swapping out a dirty furnace filter.

The Furnace Keeps Cycling Off and On
It’s not uncommon for a furnace to continue cycling as it attempts to maintain your preferred thermostat settings. But if the cycling becomes frequent and is preventing the furnace from heating your house, that’s a warning of the need for
Furnace Repair Bartlett IL.

Furnace is Getting Noisy
While furnaces aren’t completely silent, be wary of any rattling and grinding sounds. Usually, loud noises are a sign of a loose part that needs adjusting. A rumbling noise, for instance, while the furnace is cycling may indicate there’s fuel remaining in the combustion chamber even after the system turns off.

The Furnace Leaks Water
Do not confuse this with signs of condensation. If you’re seeing water beginning to puddle near the base of the furnace, it’s time to call for Furnace Repair Bartlett IL. Any leakage could be from a broken or obstructed pipe.

Filters are Dirty and Need Replacing
Once they are too clogged up with dust and pet dander, filters will start restricting proper airflow. Consequently, that puts additional strain on your heating system. It could potentially result in overheating and even cause your furnace to shut down.
Don’t allow this to happen to your furnace! Be sure to change out those filters on a regular basis to avoid common heating problems.

Furnace Repair Bartlett IL

Rely on Furnace Repair Bartlett IL from the Experts at Elgin Sheet Metal
Don’t let a common furnace issue spiral out of control and leave your household out in the cold. At Elgin Sheet Metal, we’re experts in all aspects of home heating repair, maintenance and installation. We provide industry-leading products and customer care that ensures you will be fully satisfied after choosing our services.

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Our experienced heating and cooling system technicians will first attempt to restore your furnace back to dependable working order even if it is an older model. However, if you furnace is older than 20 years and showing signs of declining performance you should probably think about upgrading to a more efficient system.