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Commercial Heating Elgin Illinois

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It seems like heating and cooling a home was simpler “back in the day.” A furnace kept your home warm in the winter, while an air conditioner kept you cool in the summer. And most households had a thermostat featuring a dial to set the temperature. Comfort systems still provide those fundamental and essential tasks. However, advances in technology are making heating and cooling more efficient than ever before. Today there are multiple options for standard, medium and high-efficiency models for:

-All geothermal, ductless and electric comfort systems.
-Programmable “smart” thermostats that provide remarkable control of your home’s heating and cooling system.
-HVAC systems that communicate with the homeowner over the internet.
-Homeowners can remotely setup, control and monitor their comfort system from practically anywhere with their smart phone, computer or tablet.

The Many Benefits of Variable Speeds

Variable-speed technologies are among the innovations that fill a big role in heating and cooling systems. There are several HVAC systems available with variable-speed technology. The reasons why homeowners find them appealing include:

-Saves energy consumption, which means more affordable heating and cooling bills.
-Consistent, dependable comfort.
-Greater control over indoor air humidity levels.
-Improves indoor air quality.

Commercial Heating Elgin Illinois

Saving Energy
A lot of contemporary heating and cooling systems attain their efficiency via variable-speed technologies. Here’s how these comfort systems can help save costs on your monthly bills:

-Variable-speed comfort systems are capable of running their cooling and heating cycles almost continually on low speeds. This consumes less amounts of electricity. Systems with one speed consume energy because they turn on and off more frequently and run at top speed when on.

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-Dependable comfort. Variable-speed technology is able to keep the indoor air in your household close to the temperature settings you choose. This, naturally, results in consistent, reliable comfort without hot and cold areas in the home.

Single-speed comfort systems, on the other hand, switch on at top speed to get to the right temperature. Once achieving that temperature, the single-speed system shuts off. Once the temperature falls, the system turns on once again. It’s easy to see how this continual cycling wastes energy and drives up utility bills.

-Better control over humidity. During the summer, stuffy, humid can often cause more discomfort for homeowners than warm temperatures. While central air conditioning removes some humidity from the indoor air, some systems are better than others.

Variable-speed technologies are generally more effective at controlling humidity than standard, one-speed systems. Since they tend to operate longer, they’re able to eliminate more moisture from the indoor air for better comfort.

Carrier products feature Ideal Humidity System technology. It’s a function that manages the cycling times and speed settings to remove uncomfortable dampness from indoor air.

-Improves indoor air quality. Practically all types of residential heating and cooling systems have an air filter. Usually, the air filer is found near the system’s indoor air handler. Since HVAC systems featuring variable-speed technology operate almost continuously, they filter indoor continuously too. As a result, the quality of indoor air improves significantly.

At Elgin Sheet Metal, we offer a selection of Carrier heating and cooling systems that include variable-speed technology. With that comes benefits like greater comfort and energy savings. Among the most innovative products is Carrier’s
variable-speed heat pumps and air conditioners with Greenspeed Intelligence.

Greenspeed Intelligence continuously and efficiently adjusts variable-speed operations. This enables the system to match heating and cooling to your household’s needs.

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The ductwork in your home is, without a doubt, a critical part of your overall heating and cooling system. Air ducts perform the critical function of circulating the air from your comfort system throughout the home. This is what allows for
for even and dependable interior comfort all year long.

All of the indoor air in your household circulates through the ductwork several times during the day. The air moving through your ductwork is the very same air that fills your living space. To that end, you’ll want that indoor air to be as clean as it possibly can.

Duct cleaning involves removing dust and other pollutants from within the actual ductwork. This entails the return and supply air ducts in addition to the registers and diffusers in all the rooms. Vacuums clean out the problematic dust and debris that commonly collects in residential ductwork. This prevents it from re-entering the home.

Some of the main benefits to professional duct cleaning include:

-Results in a cleaner living space. When your home’s ductwork receives a professional cleaning, it reduces dust particles that otherwise settle in your living areas. Over time, dust lands on your bedding, furniture, flooring and practically any other surface. Fortunately, a complete ductwork cleaning significantly reduces the dusting and cleaning necessary to sustain a hygienic household.

-Reduces irritants and allergens. Besides dust, ductwork may often contain unhealthy contaminants. For example, ducts can collect pet dander, pollen, mold, bacteria and mildew. This poses a problem for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies or other respiratory issues. A periodic ductwork cleaning is helpful for promoting healthier living. Without it, dirty indoor air in a home will simply keep circulating.
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-Help your household breathe easier. Even if allergies or a respiratory problem aren’t an issue, cleaner indoor air is still easier to breathe for everyone. Even for the healthiest people, dust particles and pollutants that enter the respiratory system can cause coughing and sneezing. Sinus troubles and bronchial congestion are another risk. Duct cleaning by our experienced technicians creates a healthier environment.

-Eliminates unpleasant odors. From cooking and cleaning products to cigarettes and mold, there are all sorts of things contributing to odors in ductwork. Whenever your air conditioning or furnace runs, these odors will continually circulate throughout the house. Even a collection of dirt and dust over time can cause unpleasant odors to emit from ductwork. A thorough cleaning of ductwork effectively removes those stubborn odors, resulting in a home that smells fresh.

-More efficient indoor air. Registers and ductwork that clog up with grime and dust can severely limit air flow from your air conditioner and furnace. Consequently, your heating and cooling must work longer and harder to keep your home comfortable. That will inevitably result in escalating utility bills.
Conversely, a well-maintained, clean ductwork system will function at optimal efficiency, providing quality performance for your energy dollars.

Signs that your home or commercial building is due for ductwork cleaning include:

-Areas of mold and mildew. Although dust and dirt are contaminants that can be unhealthy, mold can be even more hazardous. It can aggravate respiratory ailments and allergies. Mold can grow and spread rapidly. Whether you see it growing near your ventilation covers or near your air conditioner, it’s important to act soon. Call Elgin Sheet Metal for service if you suspect mold is growing in your ductwork.

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-Sudden respiratory issues. Is anyone in your household experiencing allergies, sinus problems or other similar symptoms? It may be a sign of poor indoor air quality. Air moves throughout your home continuously. Dirty ductwork will certainly impact air quality.

-Inconsistent air flow. Do some rooms in your home feel like they don’t have the same ventilation as other rooms? This is another common warning sign that you may need to clean your ductwork. A thorough cleaning will restore consistent air flow.

Easy Energy Saving Hacks to Stretch Your Heating Dollar This Winter

As winter conditions settle in across the Midwest, does it seem like your heating bills are rising significantly? Obviously, heating bills are at their highest in the winter because that’s when your furnace runs the most. However, an unusual spike in monthly heating bills can signal an HVAC system problem.
Heating water and living spaces account for a significant portion of an average household’s energy consumption. However, there are a few steps you can take to help conserve energy and lower monthly bills. The tips we list below are free and fairly easy for any homeowner to do:

-Cover up drafty windows. We address this common issue higher up on this post, but it’s a very useful tip. If there are drafty windows in your home, they are allowing a lot of cold into your living spaces. Use window wrapping to cover them up and keep the cold out – particularly if the windows are older. However, when the sun is shining, open the curtains to let the light in and help heat your home.

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-Adjust your thermostat. Begin by lowering the settings on your thermostat. It’s possible to save as much as five percent on heating for every degree that you lower your thermostat. Try setting your thermostat to 68 degrees during the daytime when you’re are at home. At night when you’re sleeping or out of the house, set it to 62 degrees.

-Lower the cost of heating water. You can conserve the amount of energy it takes to warm up your water. Simply adjust the temperature setting on your water heater to the standard setting. This can help lower your water heating bills. Another convenient way to lower costs is to simply take quicker showers.

-Lower heat loss from a fireplace. Whenever you’re not using your fireplace, it can be a source of drafts. Ensure that the seal on the damper is properly shut and secure. If you detect any cold areas around the fireplace, seal them by applying caulk (confirm it’s heat-resistant) around the hearth.
-If you have a ceiling fan, run it in reverse. This is another easy and effective way of keeping your heating costs reasonable. Most ceiling fans feature clockwise or counterclockwise settings. The fan’s blades will draw air up or downwards depending upon whether you want to warm or cool a room. The clockwise setting is for use in the winter because it pushes warm air downward into the living space.

There are also a few other simple home safety tips you can do to prevent problems during the winter:

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-Check the status of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Make a practice of testing and updating the batteries in these important safety devices annually.
While testing, check the expiration date, which is usually on the bottom of the smoke or carbon monoxide detector. If it does not list an expiration date, carbon monoxide detectors typically last about three to five years. Smoke detectors usually need replacement every eight to ten years.

-Warm up your vehicle outdoors and not inside the garage. Letting a motor vehicle idle in a confined space risks exposure to hazardous carbon monoxide.

-Prevent frozen pipes. Overlooking your plumbing system in the winter risks serious consequences. It’s essential to take preventive measures that can help reduce the risks of freezing, burst pipes. Pipes in exterior walls or in unheated interior areas like your attic or basement are the most vulnerable to freezing. For long-range protection, buy pipe insulation for pipes that border exterior walls.

In extreme winter conditions, simply let cold water slowly drip from your faucets. The continual flow of water helps make pipes less prone to freezing. It is also helpful to open closet and cabinet doors to let warm air circulate by exterior wall pipes.

-Ensure adequate ventilation. Remember to clean your supply and return vents,
dryer vent and exhaust fans once per year at least. This is particularly important during the winter when people are indoors longer.

-Schedule an inspection of your furnace and home heating system. An annual furnace inspection and cleaning ensures that your home heating system remains at peak efficiency. Also, it prevents furnace breakdowns and emergencies.
-Fight illnesses and germs. It’s no surprise that viruses are more prevalent
in the winter time when people spend more time indoors. Stock up on hand sanitizer and antibacterial soaps. Encourage members of your household to regularly use them. For even more protection against viruses, invest in an air cleaner that connects to your ventilation system.