AC Repair Kane County

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When it comes to the cooling system at your home or commercial building, it’s important to be proactive at the first sign of a problem. But, how are you to know if your air conditioner is in need of service if you don’t have expertise in the HVAC business?

That’s why Elgin Sheet Metal is here for you! Our experienced HVAC service technicians are knowledgeable in all aspects of air conditioning systems and their related components. Still, it’s helpful for you to know some of the basic warning signs of the need for AC Repair Kane County. The most apparent sign is simply when your AC is just not doing its job and circulating cool air throughout your home or business.

AC Repair Kane County

Other signs to watch for include:

-Your air conditioner keeps cycling off and on. Known as short-cycling, this is when an air conditioner unit turns on for a very short time and then turns off again without completing a cooling cycle. If this continues, it will never cool down your household effectively because it simply won’t be running long enough.

Consequently, the heat in your household will keep “telling” the thermostat to switch your air conditioner back on. Short-cycling is not good for the system and will subject your AC to unnecessary wear and tear and possibly the need for replacement. Don’t hesitate to call us to schedule AC Repair Kane County if your system is short-cycling.

-Your AC is making weird noises. It’s common for an air condition to make a low level amount of noise as it runs. However, it should not make loud grinding, banging or screeching noises. If yours is getting unusually noisy, it’s a sure sign to schedule service.

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