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When the temperatures fall in the wintertime, many Elgin homeowners spend a lot less time outdoors and opt to remain inside where it’s warm – which is possible all thanks your furnace! To highlight just how essential it is to take care of your existing furnace or replace it with a New Furnace Elgin IL., here are a few facts about those remarkable appliances you might not know!

-Furnaces are the most widely used method of heating homes and commercial buildings in the United States. Furnaces – either powered by natural gas or fuel oil – heat air that circulates through the home or building through ducts and registers.

-Furnaces consist of three primary components: a burner or heating element, a heat exchanger to separate combustion gas from clean, healthy air, and a blower to direct the air through the duct system into the house.

-Furnaces have been around for a really long time! It was around 1200 BC when the Romans began to use warm-air heating systems.

A New Furnace Elgin IL has a long lifespan.

A number of issues can impact how long a furnace can last, but the typical lifespan for conventional units ranges from 15 to 25 years. With consistent care by the service technicians at Elgin Sheet Metal, you can rely on many years of dependable performance.

-Humidity has an effect on how you feel even if temperature settings stay the same. A low humidity level will cause your house to feel cooler than its real temperature. A home maintained at a higher humidity level will in fact tend to feel warmer than its real temperature.

-Furnaces help prevent frozen pipes. When temperatures sink to freezing levels, the pipe lines inside a home with no furnace will freeze in approximately just three days if they are not used!

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Signs It’s Probably Time to for a New Furnace Elgin IL

As any homeowner in Illinois knows, the autumn and winter seasons mean unpredictable weather conditions. From cold, damp days in November to windy snowstorms in February, it’s essential to create a warm and comfortable environment in your home. But if your existing gas furnace appears to be struggling to maintain the comfort levels you want during the cold season, it could be time for a New Furnace Elgin IL. So, how can you determine for sure when your old furnace is on its last legs? Read on to learn some of the most common indicators that you’re due for furnace replacement.

-An aging heating system. The obvious first step is to check the age and installation date of your furnace. Like many homeowners, the furnace was likely already there when you first moved in. That means it might be getting close to the end of its service life. Consult the owner’s manual or simply find the model number, which is usually on the unit itself. The average service life of a gas furnace can span anywhere from 15 to 20 years. How much you use the furnace and how well you maintain it is, naturally, a major factor in how long it shall last.

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-A noticeable rise in heating costs. A telltale sign of a furnace that is becoming less efficient is when those monthly energy bills steadily go higher. If you’re noticing this, contact Elgin Sheet Metal. Our service techs can inspect your furnace and assess why your bills are going up.

-Excessive dirt, rust or dust particles accumulating in your home. If you notice more dander and dust floating on your indoor air and building up in your home when your furnace runs, it’s a sign to consider a New Furnace Elgin IL.

-Increasing humidity issues. Without a doubt, a rise or fall in humidity levels within a home is a serious concern in the winter, particularly if you have wood flooring. If the air in your home feels too dry lately, for example, it may due to an aging furnace that is at the end of its lifespan.

‍-Uneven heating of rooms in the house. If you’re experiencing that different areas and rooms in your home are heating unevenly or not heating at all, it’s probably because of a furnace problem. As your furnace gets older, it can become more difficult for to circulate warm air evenly through your home.

-Your furnace is getting unusually loud or starts rattling and buzzing as it runs.

If you notice that your heating system is running noisier than usual it’s certainly a call for help. A noisy furnace probably indicates you’re in need of a New Furnace Elgin IL. The noises could be due to leaks, cracks or other type of structural issue.

-The furnace shows visible signs of cracks and rust. Similar to other types of large, comfort system components, these easy-to-spot warning signs mean that replacement is due. This commonly takes place over the years as a furnace ages.

-Repairs more frequent. Go back and take a quick review of your heating repair bills to see how often you’ve had to schedule with an HVAC contractor to work on your furnace within the last few years. When repair calls start to become too frequent your best option is probably a New Furnace Elgin IL. Call Elgin Sheet Metal for a recommendation on which type of energy efficient furnace would be an ideal match to your home heating needs.

If you are noticing any of these warning signs from your current furnace, it’s important to take action and schedule an appointment with our experienced New Furnace Elgin IL service techs. It not only essential to have a dependable heating system to keep your household comfortable all winter, it’s also important to maintain a safe environment. Problems with a furnace can raise the risk of health hazards from carbon monoxide, dander, dust and other particles that are not healthy to inhale.

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Furnaces cannot last indefinitely. At some point or another practically all homeowners will need to replace their worn-out, dated heating system. A furnace that receives consistent, routine maintenance can perform very well for many years. However, when yours finally reaches the end its effective lifespan and starts to decline in performance, we want Elgin Sheet Metal to be the first call you make. We carry a wide selection of efficient and reliable Carrier furnaces that are simply the highest quality systems in the industry. We provide dependable retrofit and installation services that will restore comfort to your home in no time.

When you choose Elgin Sheet Metal to install your New Furnace Elgin IL and other components of your home heating system, you can expect a seamless process that is well-planned and very thorough. Whatever the size and layout of your home, we can accurately assess its heating needs and recommend a furnace that will efficiently keep your home comfortable.

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