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Anyone who owns or manages a commercial building is well aware of how important it is to maintain the heating system. Regular maintenance of a commercial furnace ensures your heating system will function efficiently and safely. A dependable heating system protects your bottom line while keeping your personnel and customers comfortable. The knowledgeable team at Elgin Sheet Metal is ready to provide expert maintenance that will keep your furnace at peak efficiency.

Here are some helpful tips that will extend the lifespan of your commercial furnace and other heating system components:

-Safety first. Before doing any kind of maintenance with your furnace, switch off the electrical power and fuel supply. Also, make yourself familiar with the locations of the switches on your furnace in the event an emergency occurs.
-Ensure the filters are clean. Dirty furnace filters place a lot of strain on your commercial furnace. Consequently, that increases the cost of heating and reduces the lifespan of the furnace. Examine the filters at least once per month to be sure they are still sufficiently clean. If your system has an electric air cleaner, remember to clean off the filter at least once per month. Furnace filters also should have a covering over the slot to avoid possible safety risks.
-Confirm that the thermostat is functioning properly. Your commercial location’s thermostat is what controls the furnace. It’s essential to the maintenance of a commercial furnace and for maintaining a comfortable working environment. Plus, a quality smart thermostat will help keep energy expenses reasonable. To maximize your heating dollar, consider the benefits of programmable thermostats.
-Look for obstructions. These can include obstructions to the vents or anything blocking the combustion and exhaust pipes.

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-Remain aware of potential gas leaks. If you detect the odor of gas or see that connections are damaged or worn, promptly switch off the gas supply. Contact Elgin Sheet Metal for commercial HVAC maintenance before you start the furnace again.

Yearly Maintenance for Your Commercial Furnace
Scheduling yearly professional maintenance for your commercial furnace ensures safe operation and efficiency through the winter season. Services can vary according to what type of furnace you have at your location, but maintenance generally includes:

-A thorough inspection of the furnace and its components.
-Complete cleaning of the furnace.
-Adjustments of controls if necessary.
-A thorough safety check of the furnace.

With yearly maintenance, our technicians can detect furnace problems and fix them before they pose safety risks like:

-Build-up of carbon monoxide on account of dirt and debris in the furnace. Also, ductwork that does not ventilate properly, cracks forming on the heat exchanger or the combustion chamber that can be hard to spot.
-Low levels of oxygen in furnaces that do not get a supply of fresh air.
-Accumulation of soot that can post a fire hazard.

Here are a few important factors to consider when deciding to repair or replace your commercial furnace:

-Age of the furnace. A furnace that is over ten years old is probably nearing the end of its effective service lifespan. It may not be cost-effective to repair your furnace, particularly if you have already spent money for multiple repairs recently.
-Cost of the investment. It generally costs more up front to replace a furnace than to get repairs. However, it’s important to take into account the long-range investment costs of keeping an aging furnace going. The heating experts at Elgin Sheet Metal can calculate the return on your investment to help you decide.

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-Utility bills. Total up your utility costs from previous seasons and estimate future costs according to rising utility rates. This will help you calculate what it will cost to continue operating your furnace.
Compare that figure with the energy needs of a new, efficient furnace at similar utility rates to see potential savings.

Heating Repair Elgin IL – When it’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Furnace

If your Heating Repair Elgin IL costs are escalating, consider the benefits of a replacement. Due to escalating energy costs and the need to preserve resources, the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program suggests replacing furnaces after approximately 15 years. The reasons include:

-Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings put older units as low as 65 percent efficiency. In contrast, new furnaces achieve efficiency ratings as high as 97 percent. That results in significant monthly savings over the lifespan of a new furnace.
-However, even if you’ve only had your furnace for a few years, replace it if it’s not operating safely.
You can depend on the expertise of Elgin Sheet Metal to help you make this selection for your commercial location. Ask your service technician about repair versus replacement at your next appointment.

Call Elgin Sheet Metal to schedule a maintenance appointment for your commercial furnace. You can always depend on our technicians to keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency.

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Fast and affordable furnace and heating system repair is simply a call away! Is your commercial building too cold? Are your customers going somewhere else because your location is too uncomfortable?
If you are in need of reliable commercial HVAC repair to get your furnace running again, contact Elgin Sheet Metal. Reliable heating is critical to a comfortable, productive and safe workplace environment.

Schedule commercial furnace repair if you are noticing any of these common warning signs:

-The furnace does not turn on, lack of warm air.
-The furnace’s pilot light goes out.
-You’re hearing unusual sounds when the furnace is starting or while it’s running.
-The main burner will not light or goes out quickly.
-The burner does light but the blower does not turn on.
-The blower runs continuously.
You can depend on Elgin Sheet Metal for 24/7 emergency repairs for your commercial furnace.

-We provide an upfront evaluation of the problem and discuss your options before we start repairs.
-We guaranteed customer satisfaction with our furnace repairs. Count on us to get the job done right the first time to promptly restore service.

Elgin Sheet Metal is ready to solve even the most challenging commercial furnace problems including:

-Lack of power. Faulty wiring, tripped circuit breakers or even a faulty switch can result in loss of power. Problems with components like thermostats, capacitors or the blower motor may need diagnostic testing as part of commercial furnace repairs.
-Failing motor. A motor making strange noises is typically a warning sign of a furnace problem. It can frequently be a sign that the furnace needs replacement. If your commercial furnace is making strange sounds call us for service right away to prevent a service disruption.

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-Furnace will not ignite. Fast clicking noises from a furnace that doesn’t ignite can result from faulty limit control or an obstruction in the flue.
-Burner will not stay lit. By checking the adjustments and cleaning main components, our technicians can see what’s causing this common issue. Possible causes can be a gas supply issue or a clog in the condensate drain.
-Blower stops working. Your furnace might be experiencing a problem with the motor or the run capacitor. That can prevent the blower from switching on after ignition of the burners.

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Boilers are relatively complex pieces of equipment. However, one of their main benefits is they are durable and seldom need major repairs. Still, on occasion they can need service to restore proper function.

Read on for a review of some of issues you may experience if you have a boiler rather than forced-air heat system such as a furnace. (These are systems with significant differences.) It’s helpful to know what you to expect. Similar to furnaces, regular preventive maintenance is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your furnace and avoiding problems.

-Kettling. Kettling is a problem relatively common among hot water boilers. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s descriptive of the noise it makes, which is a rumbling that comes from the heating unit. If this occurs with your heater, don’t hesitate to call Elgin Sheet Metal for service. Kettling can develop into a more significant problem. It happens as a result of excessive minerals within the water supply. Hard water is fairly typical in this area. But over time, mineral deposits can change pressure levels within the unit’s tank. A boiler that is kettling might be more vulnerable to leaking.

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-Leaks and dripping. Another typical boiler issue that can require an emergency repair. If the leak is coming straight from the boiler’s tank, it’s a significant problem that calls for immediate solutions.
Corrosion is probably occurring in the tank and will need replacement. Alternatively, leaks can come from a pump or a pressure relief valve. Our technicians can repair these problems. In some cases, the leak may turn out to simply be condensation.

-Pilot light troubles. In year’s past, homeowners had to light their boiler’s pilot light and let it continue running so heat remains available. Some boilers continue to utilize this method. Others utilize electronic ignition to warm up water only on demand.

-Lack of heat. This is naturally the most obvious sign of a boiler that is not working. Although the problem may involve the ignition, there are multiple other possibilities to consider. For example, a pump may have broken or a safety switch may be preventing the boiler from working. A faulty thermostat might be the cause, too. There’s no need to try diagnosing the problem on your own. Call an experienced HVAC technician from Elgin Sheet Metal for repairs that will get your boiler back in action.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems – Efficient, Reliable Cooling for Your Location

Also known as mini-split systems, these are a type of air conditioning units that don’t need ductwork for proper installation. This is in contrast to conventional cooling system. Ductless systems consist of two different components: an interior air-handler unit and an external compressor or condenser. Additionally, there are refrigerant lines that connect the components. One serves to deliver energy and the other line removes the condensate. Read on to learn more about the advantages of ductless air conditioners.

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-A ductless air conditioner distributes cool air more efficiently and evenly than conventional units. As a result, the indoor air temperature is consistent throughout the house.
-Installation process is relatively fast. This is another big advantage to ductless AC. Installation doesn’t involve a lot of invasive, time-consuming ductwork. Consequently, the installation process typically costs less than installing a conventional cooling system.

-Easier breathing for those in your household who struggle with allergies. Ductless comfort systems contain filters that purify the air, absorbing dust, germs, mildew and pollen. In addition, they continually move fresh and clean air throughout the household.
-Ductless systems help cut heating and cooling costs. Due to their efficiency, ductless HVAC systems can heat and cool homes for lower cost than other systems.
-In some locations, utility providers provide homeowners with the opportunity for rebates and incentives. Some may even provide cash incentives to convince homeowners to upgrade to efficient options like ductless AC systems.
-They’re versatile with respect to location and are relatively compact. Ductless HVAC units are able to heat and cool a single room. This is ideal if you’re planning an addition to your residence. Some models have up to four indoor air-handler units that connect to one outside unit. This enables heating and cooling for multiple rooms in the home.

If your HVAC system is not providing your home or business with reliable heating and cooling, contact Elgin Sheet Metal today. Our technicians can inspection your HVAC system and recommend upgrades that will restore comfort at affordable rates.