Elgin Sheet Metal is the Fox Valley’s go-to local contractor for expert Air Conditioning Elgin IL services. Trained and experienced in all aspects of the HVAC industry, our service techs are available to either repair your malfunctioning a.c. unit or professionally install your next brand new a.c. unit.

For some helpful guidelines, here are a few indications that your Air Conditioning Elgin IL is in need of service or replacement.
* When the air circulating through your home or office is simply not as cool as it should be. If your unit is set to its maximum output but your home is still not getting cooled sufficiently, call Elgin Sheet Metal at 847-741-3486 for a service appointment.
* Inadequate Air Flow. If you are feeling low air flow coming through the vents in your home, it may be because your air conditioner’s compressor is failing. Alternatively, when some rooms in your home are cooler than other, the issue could be with your home’s ductwork.
* Moisture or leaking around or your system is usually a indication of problems. Water pooling near your Air Conditioning Elgin IL might signal that the unit’s drain tube is broken or blocked.
* Strange sounds from your air conditioner. Like with most appliances, unusual sounds are typically not a good sign.
* Unusual Odors. Strange smells coming from your Air Conditioning Elgin IL vents usually signals your that wire insulation has burned out or mold may be collecting in your inside the unit or ductwork. If you suspect this, call Elgin Sheet Metal for service right away for solutions.

Whatever the source of your Air Conditioning Elgin IL problems may be, our techs will analyze it quickly and get right to work on the best solutions. The result will be a restored or replaced unit that cools your home or office at rates that stay within your budget.

Air Conditioning Elgin IL
Air Conditioning Elgin IL

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Winter time is ideal for tackling home improvement projects so you’re ready for when the weather warms up. Here are a few DIY tips to add to your spring “to do” list:

-Replace household filters. While various types of household filters each have a specific purpose, they all provide a benefit. They provide protection for your household against contaminants and bacteria. Whether they are in water or airborne, unhealthy contaminants can cause significant health issues. Make changing your furnace, range hood and water filters part of your cleaning routine for a healthier home.

-Clean out your gutters and downspouts. Winter in Illinois can be tough on your home’s gutters and downspouts. Be sure to repair any damages and clear out leaves and other debris before the spring rains begin. Leaking or clogged gutters can result in water damage, poor drainage and expensive repair costs.

-Clean shower heads and faucets. If they do not receive a cleaning each season, bacteria and sediment can accumulate on shower heads and faucets. Regular thorough cleanings with a mix of warm water and vinegar ensures a healthier environment for bathing and dishes. Also, check your outdoor faucets for signs up sediment accumulation and freeze damage.

-Clean the dryer vent. A clogged and dirty dryer vent can be a fire hazard. Cleaning or replacing your dryer vent is a spring cleaning item that homeowners should not overlook. To clean a dryer vent, disconnect it from the rear of the unit. Using a sturdy brush, clean off any lint and dirt. On the exterior of your home, take off the dryer vent’s cover and the brush to clean off the area. Ensure that the flap on the vent cover can move freely.

Air Conditioning Elgin IL

-Repair door screens and windows. Spring is a good time to open up your windows and doors to let fresh air circulate throughout your house. Before warmer temperatures arrive, examine your screens for any tears or holes. Even small tears can be an entryway for flies and other insects. You can pick up screen repair kits at your local home improvement store.

-Test out your smoke detectors. This is a task that takes only a couple minutes but is essential for a safe household. Test your home’s smoke detectors every month and change the batteries at least twice per year.

-Service your cooling system. Nature can take its toll on your home’s HVAC system during a long Illinois winter. A tune-up and inspection twice yearly is essential for ensuring that your air conditioner is running effectively and efficiently. Contact us to service and clean your Air Conditioning Elgin IL cooling system for safe function and to maximize its lifespan.

-Clean your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans in the rooms of your home help create refreshing air movement. They also enable you to raise the settings on your thermostat without sacrificing your comfort level. When warmer spring temperatures arrive, it’s time to get your ceiling fans ready for use. Make sure the fan blades are dust-free and clean. Also, check that the blade rotation of your ceiling fans are set to turn counterclockwise.

-Clean foundation vents and yard debris. If there’s a basement or crawlspace in your home, there may be vents along the external foundation walls. These vents supply vital air circulation that help prevent mold and moisture accumulation. Plus, they deter animals from getting underneath the home. As part of your spring time yard cleaning, be sure to clean the areas around your foundation’s vents. Inspect the vents for tears and hole and clear the area of leaves and debris. Rodents can squeeze their way through even very small holes.

-Add caulk around your windows. Old caulking can start to crack and warp, which can result in drafty, leaky windows. Without a doubt, that makes it difficult for your air conditioner keep your house cool and comfortable. Drafty windows can also result in problems like escalating utility bills and water damage from rain. Spring is an ideal time to add fresh caulk around your doors and windows.

Is your Air Conditioning ready to keep your home cool all summer long

Contact Elgin Sheet Metal to schedule a tune-up for your entire cooling system. Our service technicians can inspection your system and recommend any repairs or upgrades to improve performance. We also recommend that our customers sign up for our maintenance plans. There’s no better way to keep HVAC systems running efficiently and prevent breakdowns than by regular maintenance.

Air Conditioning Elgin IL System Maintenance Keeps You Cool

-Make your cooling system an investment that eventually pays for itself. Your cooling system is an important investment that requires consist care and maintenance. Your home’s air conditioning will work better, function more efficiently and have a longer lifespan with proper maintenance.

-Ensure peak system performance. Regular cleanings and inspections will ensure that your air conditioning functions effectively. Without a doubt, maintenance will help you get the most for your comfort system dollar.
-Assures safe operation. Maintenance appointments allows our technicians to spot potential safety risks with your cooling system. For example, high levels of carbon monoxide coming from the vent systems or appliances.
-Saves on energy consumption. Maintenance and tune-ups allows identification of problems before they cause a breakdown and the need for emergency repairs.
-Optimize lifespan expectancy. A quality, dependable HVAC system can usually last for about 15 years with routine care. Prevent the risks of premature service failure with regular maintenance by Elgin Sheet Metal.
-Fulfill warranty requirements. Many equipment makers require that their products receive maintenance in order to keep warranties valid.

Air Conditioner Repair – Elgin Sheet Metal – 847-742-3486

When it comes to your household’s comfort, there’s nothing more aggravating than an air conditioner breakdown in the summertime. The heat can feel unbearable if you do not have an air conditioning system you can depend upon. You can always rely on the prompt and experienced air conditioning repair experts at Elgin Sheet Metal to restore service. We’ll get your air conditioner up and running again so your household can resume their regular routine. Your comfort system will be in good hands right from the start when you contact us for service.

When it’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner – Elgin Sheet Metal – 847-742-3486
For homeowners, it’s essential to have a reliable air conditioner system that keeps you cool all summer. However, even the best systems won’t last forever. That why it’s so important to know some typical warning signs that your AC is ready for replacement. Here are some of the most common:

-Age of your air conditioner. If your cooling system is 15 years old, odds are a replacement is more cost effective than doing more repairs.

-Declining efficiency. If you’re noticing an increase in your cooling bills, your system is likely not functioning as well as it should. This is a common indicator that an air conditioner is approaching the end of its lifespan.

-Frequency of repairs increasing. When the cost of repairing your system is a sizeable percentage of a new one, the repair is not cost-effective.

-Recurring breakdowns. Has your air conditioning system been breaking down frequently in recent years? If so, it’s a signal to consider investing in a new, efficient air conditioner that will provide many years of reliable comfort.

-Freon. If your current air conditioner still uses Freon, consider replacing it.

-Lack of comfort. When your home just doesn’t seem to get sufficiently cool and comfortable, a new air conditioner might be in order.

Are looking to replace the air conditioning system for your home, but uncertain on how to choose the right type?

Choosing an air conditioner entails deciding the brand, size and level of energy efficiencies necessary to provide dependable comfort. A lot of new models provide upgrades like variable speed technology and communication capabilities. With so many factors to consider, it can understandably seem overwhelming to select the options right for your home. Elgin Sheet Metal is here to assist you. We’ll review your cooling system options and help you select which system is optimal for your household.

Heat Pump Repair Services – Elgin Sheet Metal

Like any other type of system with mechanical components, heat pumps eventually encounter issues that can impact its functionality. If your heat pump is not fulfilling your indoor temperature needs, contact Elgin Sheet Metal for help. Our HVAC experts can repair your heat pump to good condition.
When problems with a heat pump are resolved early, it’s definitely possible to prevent a breakdown.
In many cases, the problems start small and worsen with time.

Here are some signs of common problems homeowners experience with heat pump:

-Ice building up. This is not normal and usually indicates that the pump is leaking refrigerant or the coils are dirty. When that occurs, the coils won’t absorb heat as they should.

-A steady rise in monthly utility costs. A malfunctioning heat pump can drive utility bills upward to the tune up hundreds of dollars. When your system struggles to maintain the comfort settings you prefer, it labors overtime to compensate for lack of efficiency. Consequently, the unit consumes more and more energy. Repairing the problems promptly will keep your utility costs reasonable.

-Less comfort. When there’s something wrong with your heat pump, you’ll begin to notice your living spaces are not as comfortable. It’s usually because the warm air is not circulating evenly.

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Why it’s Important to Get Professional Installation of Your New Thermostat

Homeowners want convenience along with the best in technology. It’s not surprising that many people are turning to services and products that offer convenience and make their homes efficient.
With features such as programming, mobile device control and temperature monitoring, smart thermostats offer many benefits for Illinois homeowners.

If you are considering the switch to a new thermostat, it’s critical to hire an experienced technician to install it. Here are some of the advantages to professional installation of a new, Wi-Fi thermostat.

-Avoids HVAC malfunction. Even for homeowners with experience in electrical systems, HVAC technologies are an increasingly specific field. Thermostats are the device that communicates with your home’s comfort system, so your thermostat and HVAC components have to be fully compatible. For example, new, smart thermostats require continual power to run functions like backlit screens and Wi-Fi connectivity. To complete the circuitry, a second C-Wire is necessary. This is a wire that many older model thermostats do not require. Without that second wire your new thermostat will not communicate correctly with your heating and cooling system. That can lead to service malfunctions and the need for repairs.

-Faulty installations can be expensive. At first, DIY projects can certainly save money. However, it’s also helpful to consider what it might cost if things do not go according to plan. One of the most common results of a DIY installation of a thermostat is an electrical short circuit. There can be a cost to fixing the circuit plus the damage short circuiting can do to your new thermostat.

-Consider the warranty. It’s helpful to review the warranties on your thermostat along with the components of your residential HVAC system. Many warranties will include a clause stating that faulty installation will void the benefits of the warranty. Manufacturers typically include this clause as protection against consumer negligence.

Air Conditioning Elgin IL

-Improper thermostat installation can sacrifice reliable performance. Homeowners choose to upgrade their thermostat to enjoy the advantages of its performance features. In the event of faulty installation, a thermostat may not operate at its peak potential.

-Avoid risk of injury. Installation of any device that involves electricity requires expertise and commitment to safe practices. For peace of mind and safe operation, it’s important to hire an experienced HVAC technician to install your smart thermostat.

A factory-authorized dealer of Carrier products, Elgin Sheet Metal is a full-service HVAC contractor for residential and commercial customers. Contact us for all your comfort system needs. From routine maintenance to installation of a new furnace or air conditioner, depend on Elgin Sheet Metal for excellent service.